Box Release Lifecycle

One of the best features of Atlas by HashiCorp is how easy it makes the workflow and process for creating new versions of boxes and releasing them to your team. Atlas by HashiCorp also lets you create new versions of boxes without releasing them or without Vagrant seeing the update. This lets you prepare a box for release slowly.

First, some terminology: when a box version is released, Vagrant is able to add and use that box version. If a version of a box is being created in Atlas by HashiCorp but is not yet released, then Vagrant will not see it, and we say that the box version is unreleased.

There are multiple components of a box:

  • The box itself, comprised of the box name and description.

  • One or more box versions.

  • One or more providers for each box version.

A box can only be released if it has at least one of each component: a box, a version, and a provider. When creating a box, Atlas by HashiCorp guides you through creating all of these initial components.

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